Maximize your crypto picks with a Crypto Advisor plan. 

What is an Altcoin?

Altcoins are generally referred to as any other coin other than Bitcoin. 

However, we generally look at Altcoins as coins that aren’t quite “mainstream yet”. There is a lot of gray area here, but as an example we wouldn’t consider Ethereum an Altcoin, but a major coin. See Coin Market Cap for more detail.

Our plans and analyses might interest you if you are interested in coins that are “rising stars” and could make it to the top 50. These coins come with a high degree of risk – and high potential for reward. 

How Does The Silver Advisor Plan Work?

The Crypto Fools’ Silver Advisor is a complete solution that will keep you informed of our picks and analyses!

coin performance

Long-term crypto picks,

Medium-term and Long-term crypto targets

risk management

Check out our risk-management philosophy!

technical analysis

Intramonthly updates as the market moves!

Trading Methodology

Overview of how we approach trading Crypto!

And much more in our Premium Advisor Package’s!

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my service?

Simple! We will prorate the difference either way.


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How It Works

Our Advisor Plans are simple and straightforward. Subscribers have access to their very own Crypto Dashboard where they can keep track of the latest Crypto news and picks from the Crypto Fools!


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Our Crypto Mantra

We INVEST primarily in crypto currency. We are NOT day traders. If you would like to give your money to a company promising you to be a millionaire in 3 months, that’s a great way to stay poor. We exercise patience and discipline. We also understand that crypto currency involves one of the highest degrees of risk in current markets and, therefore, you need to be prepared to lose it all.