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Chandler and Doug not only have a combined 12 years of investing in cryptocurrency but have been investing in traditional investments for decades. Bothhave dealt with stocks and real estate investments before jumping into cryptocurrency. They know strategies how to help mitigate risk and maximize gains.Combine that with their cryptocurrency research and you have a winning formula.


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The Crypto Fools

Chandler Dove

The Realist

My take is that crypto currency is a transformative tool that will change the way we interact with each other on a day to day basis. This not only extends to our personal day to day transactions but also business to business transactions.

When evaluating a coin I look for coins that I believe will be a positive force for change and that will bring value and utility to the owner. Coming from a corporate environment I see the benefits of items like smart tokens and the ability to move or transfer large amounts of “money” seamlessly and effectively. I encourage a decentralization of currency to avoid market manipulation. I also follow the philosophy of when you believe in a coin and the price drops. It’s time to double down.

Douglas Shultz

The Dreamer

I believe that crypto will be primarily used in different “Spheres” of influences, so to speak, for different market uses in particular niches. A coin like Diem, for instance, could be used for peer to peer payments . BTC continues to be, used as a “gold standard” in the market place. Moreover, other coins will continue to emerge as leaders in a particular niche that has a void to be filled as markets and submarkets start adopting them. Online casino gaming, social network transactions, etc… all are niches that crypto can fill the void on

To this extent, I want to own a coin that will enter the market and lead in one of these niches. Not just coins that are arbitrary, but coins that are deployed as a market solution purposed to fill a void. While I do like investing in cryptos that try to fill the role as a global currency, I tend to lean more towards coins in these niches I describe.

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